Buy Nukem Strain online


Buy Nukem Strain online

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Buy Nukem Strain online

A lovely strain that derives from Shishkaberry X God bud. It has a strong pungent aroma of sweetness with earthy undertones. Beautiful round buds that are quite dense and covered in THC trichomes. Ideal for patients with Chronic pain, Depression or Insomnia.

Buy Nukem Strain Online

Genetics: Lemon Joy,Grade: A/A+,Type: Indica,Looks: dark-Green,  Like some good average smoke, but it is amazing.,Smell: Dank and strong, skunky.Taste: AMAZING! Very potent taste. Very strong.,Effects: Very strong high, Its more in the head than body, but there is a nice body high as well. I have had 2 kinds of Lemon Kush and this one surpasses the other kind hands down in everyway,Potency: Very Potent!

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